UPDATED! Last Saturday at around 3 PM two motorcyclists, one aged 26 the other 29, were driving at excessive speed, passing other motorists illegally. One of the motorists eventually called the police. The riders got intercepted pretty quickly near the police station of Wakefield in Outaouais. One of the riders tried to get his helmet camera hidden but failed to do so and got taken for proof. This is what they saw partially (just click on the vid).


The 26 yrs old male had 21 tickets handed out for a mind blowing 116 demerit points (an unrestricted license have only 15 points allowed before it's revoked) which will cost him 11 268$!

The 29 yrs old male had also 21 tickets but only 113 demerit points and it will cost him 10 968$

Update: They are facing criminal charges and they actually tried to deal with the cops so that they leave them with their license for work reasons. Needless to say...it didn't work. They were travelling between 150-200 km/h.


Here in Quebec, they give back 15 points each 2 years and a big excessive speed ticket leaves your record with a mark that stains it for 10 years even if you have all your points back. After checking out the SAAQ, I found out that the license will be revoked for 1 year. Thanks for the heads up DaveMTL .