This. This is one of the most frustrating things ever. This occurred randomly and was not the effect of me dropping my phone. Every click of the home button, every notification, every taptic feedback I am greeted with this loud taser-like noise. Everyone within 20 feet or a room can hear it. This is even more frustrating since this is a relatively new phone, an iPhone 7 that I had purchased new when it came out in September 2016. Now many of you can just tell me to fix it, but shouldn’t this be something that shouldn’t have happened at all? And yes people will tell me to get it fixed under warranty. This happened after my phone turned over a year old, meaning it is not covered under warranty anymore, and I do not wish to spend over 100 dollars to get this remedied for something broken due to Apple’s fault. I am almost through with Apple for a multitude of reasons (buggy iOS, device throttling, quick obsoleteness, lack and removal of features (OLED, Headphone jack) just to name a few), and may seriously start looking for an android for the first time for my next device, with this issue contributing to a sizeable portion as to why I’m done with Apple.