In a lot of ways, this intake manifold is more important than fixing my janky engine block is to this project. In fact, I don’t think there’s any argument to be made otherwise.

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See, a block will turn up. I’ve found one on eBay, I found a whole new crate motor on Facebook, and I looked at an ‘85 Sunbird parts car this past weekend. I can find an engine.


But a DCOE/DHLA manifold for a 1.8L Family II engine? First off it needs to be specific to the 1.6/1.8...2.0 intake is different. Secondly, only one place in the world seems to make one. I found one for a 2.0 in England, but I would literally be changing my engine just for the manifold availability.

So to say I was worried when it took two weeks for this to ship, and when it did it was without a tracking number, and the company answered zero of my emails is an understatement. I get it, Australia is on fire...if they had told me it would be a month before they could ship I would have been totally fine with it, but telling me something would have been nice.

Anyway though the manifold is here and it’s nice! I’m waiting on carb mounting studs to come from England (42mm long 5/16 UNC/UNF is, shockingly, not easy to find!) but my Redline soft mount kit and nyloc nuts are already here, so it’s practically done and dusted really.

This is honestly the longest a project has kept my full, undivided attention for quite some time so I’m optimistic about the J2000’s staying power. My love for it hasn’t waned at all in spite of the frustration over getting the engine block sourced or fixed...preferably fixed.

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