Assembled here are the best Oppositelock posts from last Wednesday and Thursday. It includes the 1992 Hooters 500, the Mustang's birthday, Stefan Roser's giant testicles and a nostalgic moment with an Alfa 164s.

Most Influential Race: 1992 Hooters 500 - tomtom615


How many storylines can you pack into a single race? In one race an era ended, a new era began, and six drivers fought for a championship. Read more…

The Mustang IS Car Enthusiasm - Justin is driven

It's no secret that today is the Ford Mustang's 50th birthday. Anybody with an ounce of gasoline in their blood could tell you that. Even if you didn't know or care before today, the glut of media coverage assures that everyone in America knows that the original pony car made it's first appearance half a century ago. Read more…

Stefan Roser Has Giant Testicles - AJTaylor


Driving a powerful rear engined rear wheel drive car can be tricky, just ask the hundreds of 911 owners who've felt the wrath of the pendulum effect whilst travelling through a hedge backwards. There is one man who can tame even the most savage of rear engined beasts though, RUF test driver Stefan Roser. Read more…

My 164s and a weekly nostalgic moment - lawsohard

It was late 1991 and my dad, deciding that he had suffered long enough with whatever Renault box he had been driving for a few years, had just bought a new car. I should probably rephrase that previous sentence, my mom graciously heard my dad's pleas which, up to that point, had fallen on deaf ears and allowed the purchase of a new car. Being a young dad of two he made the smart decision to buy a sedan that babied well ("look, babe, built-in sun shades for the rear window!"). Unfortunately, being the young, male, up-and-coming attorney he was, he decided to buy an Alfa Romeo 164s. Read more…


Gameifying Driving with a New App - apr10427


Driving Curve is a new application for iOS, an Android version is coming soon, that gamifies driving with the goal of eliminating inefficient driving habits… The goal is to earn points through driving smoothly. The more points you earn, the higher your ranking. Your rank can be compared to the entire user pool or you can view your ranking nationally. Read more…

Early Mustangs, A Brief History - Greasemonkey

The production mustang was introduced in April 1964 at the NY Worlds Fair. In honor of the famous pony turning the big five-oh (thats "302ci"), Mustang clubs all across the country are getting together to celebrate. Here is a short history of early Mustangs. Read more…


Cheap, Slow & Awesome; The Mercedes-Benz W123 240D - TheDailyTurismo


Equipped with the automatic transmission, a 240D Mercedes is about the slowest car you can drive around without people looking at you funny. Well...maybe people will still look funny at you, but I've logged many miles behind the wheel of both manual and automatic transmission equipped W123s and I can tell you the slushbox is serene but it is dragging boat anchor while 22 year old burro pulls an oxcart up Pikes Peak slow. Read more and also check out This Buick Invicta 4-Door Hardtop Sedan Is For The Birds.

Formula One's Next Frontier: Active Suspension and Aerodynamics? - Gabor Vajda

It has been a five-year journey since F1 started its energy efficiency campaign with the introduction of KERS in 2009 and has stepped up to a completely new level with the reintroduction of turbocharging and the use of other energy recovery systems this year. Is this the end of it? Apparently not. Read more…


Technically Formula 1 - Chinese Gran Prix - Fractal Footwork


Technical innovation is what makes Formula 1 so different from any other form of racing. The on track action is as much played out by the engineers and aerodynamicists as it is the drivers. We are here to admire, study, and discuss this beauty that exists on the ragged edge of what we think is possible, or at least what we thought was possible. Read more…

The Best of the Rest


Paul Thompson posted a photos of his dad's Mustang. CrzRsn attended the Mustang celebration at Ford's WHQ. Gamecat235 spotted a Hennessey Viper while out on a walk. Justin is driven went to an open trackday. LuczOr found an Alfa 4C test car. SubiSanchez shared photos from the Long Beach Grand Prix (part 2) and Stadium Super Trucks. ModerateSloth received his Factory Five Cobra kit. GRawesome did some carspotting. AndersSim bought an A5 Sportback. BiTurbo228 did some more work on his Spitfire. Chandonpierre1 went to the NYIAS. Euro Dan was carspotting in London. Jlmounce went though his Mustang history. Eric has also owned several Mustangs. Brodieman fired up a Boss 302 after it sat for 20 years. EL_ULY bought another W210. Bandit sent his Firebird off to paint and helped make a video for school. Minardi Gras spotted some neat cars in Tokyo. SnapUndersteer did a valve and belt job on his Ducati 748. Sn210 attended a cruise night. Arch Duke Maxyenko shared some of the Mustangs he's seen. MR2_FTW got a little happy with the heat reflector tape.

As always, If I've missed something and you would like me to include it, let me know.



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