The Most Italian Thing Ever!

I think I’ve discovered quite possibly the most hilarious Easter Egg on the exterior of the 4C.

If you look at the windscreen wiper, it looks like they’ve used the RHD-facing wiper arm from a RHD car. It’s mounted upside down on the hinge:


OK, makes sense, it’s probably what they had in that size and shape and no reason to waste R&D money to make a custom arm just for this low-volume car.

But then I looked closely at the wiper. I noticed that the blade appeared to be upside down as well. The aerodynamic shape of most beam-style wiper blades (incl this one) is directional; the flatter edge is supposed to face forwards:

Not only did they use a RHD wiper arm, they also left the RHD beam blade on it and mounted the wiper arm in a LHD orientation!!

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