Just about 700 miles. Learned a few things.

1st: Ohio construction sucks dick. I thought I could complain with Michigan, but good god, it just didnt stop. You wouldn’t have been able to guess that I-75 is a pretty major highway with the way it was all closed up. And then the back roads we got sent on were just as bad too. Also, a wood pallet on the side of the road telling people the road is closed really isnt sufficient.

2nd: People that use their brights on the highway also suck dick, this also applies to those who use the over the top blue ones. On those arrow straight roads they blind you in your mirrors forever.

3rd: Got my cruise control to work, and damn is that a godsend.

4th: The gas mileage on the GP is less than stellar, I averaged maybe 23 mpg if I was lucky.

5th: I am tired, and my legs are tired.

Sleepy, sleepy, sleep.

The GP also hit 110,000 miles, so thats cool