The most useless cupholder.... the world

Imagine you’re going thru the motions of a series of events that has become familiar - Waiting around for the idjit that is parked at the only diesel pump at the station to leave so that you can fuel up. A bystander strikes up the same conversation you’ve had multiple times - “Is that your truck?” “Yep!” “What’s wrong with your weiner?” “NOTHING IS WRONG WITH MY WEINER!!!!”


You then proceed to enter the store part of the station to wash you hands in an attempt to get the nasty pump smell off of them, because Angry Diesel Gnomes have made a mess of the pump handle for no apparent reason. While in there, you think “Huh. A S’mores Frappuccino would greatly improve my mood.” So you get one.

Upon returning to your truck, you place your newly acquired S’mores Frappuccino in the closest cupholder to the driver of the 15 available. Only to discover....

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What the eff!?!?!?!?! Who thought up this design? It is utterly useless, for cups or bottles or any other purpose. Everyone responsible needs to be sacked.

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