Because it's not real, yo. Link

When I first saw these photos on another site this morning, I was curious what engine they used. did the put the Citroen engine in the trunk of the Porsche, or did they put the 911 engine in the trunk of the DS? What trunk got the junk????

Then I read this - and none of it made sense. It was either 1) the most confusing ESL mashup ever, or 2) complete bullshit.

Led by expert stewart johnson, a former engineer from inter box mechanics, the german-french hybrid is fitted with a turbocharged 260 horsepower engine in the rear bonnet of the 1955 DS. under the hood, the original air cooling system is replaced with a forced water cooling pipeline. an enlarged set of tires and rigid chassis were incorporated to provide the 911 DS with exceptional handling and stability.

With the technical challenges beyond the reach of a typical automotive enthusiast, the franken-car required a series of extreme modifications to put it on the road. the engine bay had to be configured so the 3000 cc power-plant could be properly fitted. 'we totally forgot that to fit a porsche 911 engine into the rear bonnet of a citroen DS is as easy as squeezing a pumpkin into a pea pod,' explains brandpower. 'if you shift the engine 90° horizontally, and slide the backseat 10 inches forward, you get enough room, adds johnson. 'you want a lower center of gravity on a car that's going to be longer and higher than a regular 911.'

OK, got it... Porsche engine.... In the back... It's a 3.0l, so that means it's a air-cooled 911 engine from 77-83* If so, what the hell are "forced water cooling pipelines," and what does the air cooled engine need them for?


*I suppose it could be a 3.0 4 cyl from a 944/968, but that would require some more engineering with the donor car's transaxle, or perhaps a transmission swap to get it to work. Then again, this 90 degree thing makes everything an impossible challenge, as the transaxle's output flanges aren't even facing the wheels anymore.

Also, if the 911 motor is in the back (all 90 degrees and peapod sideways like the text above hinted at), then that means the fuel tank must be in the front with no fuel filler on either front fender. Where the gas go?


With the lack of interior, engine, or other project photos, I was starting to become leery on how this project came together. Then came the GIS.

C'mon guys.... If you're trying to pull one over on everyone, at least don't use photos you found on the internet.


Here is a photo (left) they supplied that is captioned, "the 911, cut and stripped off everything, waiting for assembly" along with the photo (right) of the source image lifted from here.

Ah yes, the design process. The photo (left) they supplied that is captioned,"Jim Lurpak, brandpower concept designer sketching a first draft for the 911 DS," along with the source image (right) lifted from here.


More design. (source image found on this thread)


Here's more of the build. The image on the left is captioned with "Stewart Johnson, checking the overmatching of the welded parts. This is the only picture where we caught him smiling." Source image (right) belongs to this site.

Here's the motherload - the source images for the final renders. Plenty of angles of our little 1970 2.2 l orange 911. I bet that front view took them ten whole minutes.


Unfortunately, my comment on their site is awaiting moderation.


My problem with this, is the fact that they are trying to convince people that they actually made it when it's just an design project. Don't get me wrong, I like design projects. I also like build threads and wacky engineering, I was hoping it was both.

I have seen this thing on several different sites already today, and people are discussing it like it's an actual completed project. Many are dismissing it as a Photoshop, which is refreshing, since Brandpower's intention was otherwise.

I'm annoyed because it's a "what-if" project. Just call it a "what-if" project, don't claim it's something it's not - especially if you screw up the details so bad.



Aside from the BS, and the dissimilar B-pillars, the photoshop ain't bad. It's good enough to get passed around social media all day.


One more, because GIF.