The mother of all trolling motors

The sketchy Chinese 4hp electric outboard I ordered just arrived. It is pretty much exactly as it was described, and even had some accessories and tools included that I didn’t expect.

It runs on 4 12v deep cycle batteries in series. 48v and 1000w puts it more in electric outboard territory than trolling motor but since I got it at a trolling motor price i think it counts.


Its basically a gas outboard body and lower unit with a huge brushless motor as the powerhead. It has fully variable throttle, a nice trim setup, and cruise control, which are all features you will rarely find on a cheaper trolling motor.

Here is the confusing ass battery pack that I put together for it. It will all be permanently mounted in a cooler which will double ass the seat mount.

I tested it today with it clamped onto my desk and I was scared to even go past half throttle because it was violently powerful. Ill take it out on the river tomorrow and see how it does.


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