Illustration for article titled The motor is in, but there is still so much to do.

1. Install missing bellhousing dowel pin, install bellhousing bolts and torque converter bolts
2. trim coil bracket and valve cover, remote mount #8 coil.
3. drop fuel tank, build new pump sender and regulator, plumb system into car
4. wire fuel pump with relay
5. stretch 1.25 radiator hoses to fit 1.5 inch fittings
6. wire fuel pump relay
7. create fuel injection harness
8. fabricobble throttle and TV cable bracket
9. fabricobble electric fan mounts
10. wire electric fans with relays
11. install sending units for factory gauges and wire them
12. top off fluids
13. figure out an air cleaner/intake
14. install wideband o2 sensor and controller and connect to fuel injection harness
15. install headers (probably modify headers)
16. fabricobble header collector reducers into existing exhaust
17. install front accessories

18. change to 90mm Throttle body

19. reinstall hood

20. do burnouts


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