I've recently discovered an alarming number of people haven't read, or seen this series by Beverly Cleary. This was required reading at my elementary school. This along with The Rats of NIMH were my favorite rodent based stories as a child.

The movies always kind of creeped me out. Not because of the talking mouse, that was awesome. More likely because of Ray Walston. Dude is creepy. But I'm glad to find this on youtube as I haven't seen these since I was a kid.

Any parents of young children on OPPO try to get your kids to read these at some point and watch the movies. If a mouse can love motorcycles and cars then so can everyone.

Ralph S. Mouse, the most Jalop of mice, I will make sure you are remembered.

If embedding fails, go to around 10:40 for some adorable talking mouse learning how to ride a motorcycle.