Over the last year my wife and I had discussed many different cars to replace our Freestyle. It would mostly be my wife’s commuter but also our family car. We had considered everything from a Ralliart Sportback, to a post dieselgate TDI, to a GTI, to some sort of hybrid. Well, my voting shares on the decision lost some stock after project Carboxstererra took over our garage. And my wife wanted something that felt nice, a quiet ride with some technology that had decent mileage and space. She DD’ed my E34 535i for 9 months, but apparently the exhaust leak fumes didn’t go to her head.

So, we found a very low miles, nicely priced C-Max about 2 hours away and made the trek last night.

There was one thing that really irked me about the buying experience. The Craigslist ad, I’m 99% certain, said $13,46_. I can’t remember the last number. 4 hours after my wife submitted something through their website setting up a test drive appointment, the Craigslist ad was edited to match the price on their website $14,491. I hadn’t looked at the Craigslist ad in that time, so this came as news to me when we went to talk numbers and he insisted their only asking price was $14,491. I pointed out that the ad had been edited last night after I looked at it and we didn’t know what was edited but as I told him “We wouldn’t have driven 2 hours here to pay what we could have paid where we are from. I doubt you have control over the ad but I saw what I saw so I know at the very least you guys are willing to negotiate near there.”

Anyways, they actually came down pretty quickly to where we wanted and we paid what we wanted. We had a great rate setup through our credit union already. However, 3 people were also buying cars that night and were “in front of us” so we hung out at the freaking dealership for 2 hours with our toddler who when we were signing the papers was past her bedtime and showing it. I almost never just hand over my phone with YouTube videos going, but I did last night at 9:15 as we were getting ready to finalize things. I give my daughter credit as she was a rockstar throughout pretty much the whole process(2 hour drive, 3 hours between test drive, haggling, and waiting for the paperwork, 2 hour drive home). When I had to go back to haggle after first time, (I had checked in on her in the kids play area) I told her I would be the friendly person and she would be the serious person, and she stomped back to the table and then growled.

The car is a 2013 C-Max Hybrid (non plug in), with 28,000 miles that was originally purchased in 2014 so it’s got some powertrain warranty left. It’s got good visibility and is a great size, it’s doesn’t feel big or small. The backseat in this car is spacious. It feels decently peppy. The braking is grabby which I wasn’t crazy about. It feels a little top heavy, but steering was otherwise good. Storage area is flat with the seats folded compared to the plug in version which you lose even more space to the battery. This was one of the few 2013s with Sync which my wife wanted. It has cloth interior, which we preferred to leather and finally, the black looks pretty good. I’m happy my wife found exactly the car she wanted .