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The Muscle in Muscle Cars Part III - Exhaust

This third installment of What Put the Muscle In Muscle Cars is an exhaustive look at exhaust (sorry I couldn't help myself). Mufflers and pipes, or the lack thereof, give muscle cars much of their distinctive sound.


With muscle cars you want at least two sets of pipes and mufflers. Ideally, you'll want these to do a very poor job at actually dampening the noise coming from the engine, the muscle car is paradoxical like that. But then again, no sane person would want to stymie something as beautiful as:

Sometimes though, the exhaust system itself can be a showcase piece of a cars design AND a great way to ignite polyester pants:


Or it can be more subtle but just as cool and dangerous to the hotpants:


Note the cutout exhaust in front of the rear tire.

What's your favorit exhaust note of all time? Post a video in the comments below.


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