Muscle cars are good at a few things: tearing ass, making great sounds, and going fast in a straight line, mostly. The idea that somehow the chassis is what made American muscle cars great is preposterous. The same gains that were being made in fuel delivery, air intake, and exhaust systems just weren't met with same innovation in the areas of suspension, braking, and chassis design.

However, it did mark a turning point in American automobile design. At some point engineers realized they were going to start killing people if they didn't make sure the cars could also turn a corner and brake. Drum brakes just weren't going to cut it with 450 bhp under the hood:

Cast your horrified gaze upon the drum brake!

It only took 30 more years past that point for them to actually start doing that well, but that's another post for another day (I can get very worked up about the malaise era). Whether or not their driving dyamics were shit or not, there sure were some beautiful cars from the golden age of the muscle car:



Here's the ultimate question of this series: what is the best muscle car of all time? I don't don't mean the flat out best, I mean the best all things considered (including price).