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So, let me start by saying that I came to this car from a Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 V6 as my year round driver (politely modified). The car was comfy, mid-range power was OK, and it was sorta put together. So it was “fine”.


I’ve driven my GT for a whole 20 kilometers and about 40 minutes.

The Genesis Coupe is a pile of shit.

A huge heaping pile.

Just a horse apple mound with a tilted “H”.

Now, Hyundai did try. They did OK with the coupe, they sold a ton of them. But they failed in the enthusiast market. Locked ECU, Satan’s tit of a shifter (fuck you second gear!!!), and a rear diff that likes to explode even under factory power.

Enter the GT.

For the value conscious (such as myself), the GT is a more expensive car than the R-Spec Genesis. However, with the right pricing incentives, and a hard nosed approach to purchase, you can have a Coyote V8 for a few-ish grand more than a base Genesis. Which leads me to wonder.....(again biased)

Why the fuck would anyone buy a Genesis Coupe!!?!

I mean listen to this glorious fucken beast!

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