I’d been doing some sprint events, out on the track aiming for ever faster laptimes, but my friends insisted I get involved in the Peter Hall Memorial Six Hour, down at Mallala Motorsports Park in South Australia.

It’s a regularity event, where participants drive in teams of 4-6 cars, and have to stick to a nominated laptime to score maximum points.

I didn’t rate the concept on paper, but for a shadetree motorsport enthusiast, it turned out to be a great day on track. From the long stints (up to 90 minutes!) to having your crew hanging the pitboard out over the wall with your times each lap, it really was an amazing experience. All this for under $200, and that’s including the roast dinner.

For anyone in this part of the country, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Catch y’all there next year. <3


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