Assembled here are the best Oppositelock posts from Monday and Tuesday. It includes the quest for the next performance car, a Fort Hood shooting victim's car, basic B's and bad B's and the benefit of options packaging.

Is There A Natural Progression Of Performance Car Ownership - RightFootDown

Lately I've been looking at the Porsche 911 as a possible replacement for my M3. Sounds like a logical move, right? BMW M3 owner moves on to Porsche 911. Nothing we haven't heard before. But why look at the 911 now when I could have looked at them eight years ago instead of buying an NSX, or the Corvette, or the STi, or whatever the hell else I bought? Perhaps there is a natural progression to car buying. Read moreā€¦

The Basic B: How to Avoid Basic B's and Surround Yourself With Bad B's - For Sweden


If you're current in the General Motors body-on-frame scene, then you understand the risks of running into a Basic B while out cruising with your Bad B's. If not, then sit down while I take pity and enact the labor required to educate you. Read moreā€¦

Fort Hood shooting victim memorial on an M3 - Ricepuddin


I Live a few yards away from where this month's shooting happened on Fort Hood, and I have drive by this exact car multiple times. But today on my way to lunch I noticed a paper American flag on the rear window and could see what looked like flowers on the windshield. It immediately dawned on me, this is one of this victims cars and his battle buddies have turned it into a memorial and it almost brought me to tears. Read moreā€¦

Option Packaging is Great... Just Not for You - It's a "Porch-uh"

I know a lot of you liked Doug's article on on Option Packaging and how it's such an annoyance when spec'ing out a car. Yes, it is very annoying when you want one option but it requires you to buy a package that costs ten times the one item you really want, but guess what? We are not Joe Consumer. We are car guys and gals who are (generally) savvy buyers and research a car to death before stepping into a showroom. Read moreā€¦


My Love-Hate Relationship With The Porsche 944 - CodyVella


In the land of pointy, underpowered 80s sports cars; the Porsche 944 reigns supreme in many ways. It was, and still is an amazing looking car that seems to have all the right curves in all the right places. It made decent power for its time, and it's an absolute beast in the corners. Unfortunately it's not one of the more reliable vehicles in the world. In fact, I think the Mitsubishi Starion might even be more reliable than the 944. This has driven me into an incredibly complex and almost unsustainable love-hate relationship with my 944. Read moreā€¦

Ten Cars Over 300 HP For Under $30,000 - RooWillis

This is a good time for Generation Y. Not only are we tech savvy, achievement orientated and attention craving (according to Google) but we also have a large range of quality, fast and luxurious cars available at affordable prices. Previous owners have already absorbed the majority of their depreciation and they are priced in a region which is attainable for most of us. Read moreā€¦


Long Lost Hot Hatches - Renault 11 Turbo - AJTaylor


Some of you may recognise this week's car under a different name, the Renault Encore, the hatchback version of Car and Driver & Motor Trend's car of the year for 1983 the Renault Alliance. Others may have spotted a very similar looking taxi being ripped apart in the Bond film 'A View To A Kill'. I however see Jean Ragnotti's Group A rally car in 1986 & 1987. Read moreā€¦

Big cars, big engines, and the demise of the US middle class - tapzz

In 1949, a recently returned GI could buy a Ford that wasn't fundamentally different from his former general's Lincoln. That wasn't the case before, and isn't the case now. What happened? Read moreā€¦


Oppo Rally Porn: The Best Of Rally Monte Carlo - Dusty Ventures


After going through the photos from Monte I've come to the conclusion it's impossible to take a bad rally photo in Monte Carlo. Between the scenery and the weather virtually every shot is stunning. Creating a "best of" post is difficult because all the shots are so great. Sadly my source didn't have the official photos from Ford, so it's just the FIA, Citroen, Hyundai, and VW's photos. But still, man are they gorgeous! Read moreā€¦

Call The Exterminator, I've Got An E30 M3 Problem! - TheDailyTurismo

What do you do when a small rodent dies in your car's ventilation system and starts emanating the rotten funk of decaying flesh? Your minty clean classic BMW M3 suddenly becomes the The Ultimate Decaying Machine. Read more and also check out The Great Cadillac CTS V6 Manual Transmission Roundup.


What It's Like To Drive A Fast Car On The Autobahn - David Epstein


Through BMW's On Demand service available at BMW headquarters in Munich, I booked a 135is for 35 euros an hour. The 320 horsepower coupe, capable of reaching 60 mph in 4.6 seconds was plenty of car for an Autobahn rookie. Its sport exhaust, turbo charged inline six cylinder engine, and M-sport suspension setup had me drooling in anticipation of the fun I knew I would have while piloting the white coupe to the Porsche museum in Stuttgart. Read moreā€¦.

A (slightly biased) Guide To The Subcompact Market - Frosted

So it's no secret that I'll be in the market for a subcompact/cheap brand new car very soon and have done a lot of research into my options that has included everything except test driving (this is due to dealerships not having the cars on the lot because they "sell too quickly"). I'll get my bias out of the way and say I'll be buying the Mazda 2. It was the one I favored from the start and, while it isn't as powerful or well equipped or spacious as some of the others on this post, it is the one that I fell in love with and want to live with for the next few years. Read moreā€¦


Formula Oppo: The City Wok Grand Prix of Mao's Republic of China - Arch Duke Maxyenko


This week, Formula Oppo has traveled to the Orient, via the silk road, for the fourth round of competition, The City Wok Grand Prix of Mao's Republic of China! Hopefully Kinja will show mercy this week, although Nibbles will instead pour mercury in out cuts and through clouds asbestos in our faces. Yes the run-on sentences will continue once again, if you need a refreshment of the rules you can go fuck yourself here. Read moreā€¦

Below Average Cars: Toyota Land Cruiser HJ45 Pickup - Merkin Muffley

Welcome to Below Average Cars, an occasional series about kickass cars you can buy for less than the average price of a new car. No one needs reminding of the legendary reputation of the Land Cruiser. They go anywhere, they do anything, and they don't break down. This one will certainly go anywhere, but it won't go anywhere fast. That is because instead of being one of the FJ series Land Cruisers we are used to in the states, this one is an HJ, which means there is a pulsing, throbbing (there is no other way to say this) diesel between those elegantly sculpted front fenders. Read moreā€¦


The nicest 2003 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V in existence: Quick Review - Burt


Recently, I had a friend call me up to ask me for a few pointers on driving a manual, and I agreed to meet with him for a little ride-and-drive. He was driving his dad's Nissan Sentra Spec-V, (his car was in the shop after a run-in with Bambi) which he had mentioned before was nice, but I didn't think much of it. Read moreā€¦

The Best of the Rest


Jobjoris found some Lancias outside the Louwman museum. BiTurbo228 went to another track day and did some more surgery on his Spitfire. Aaron Brown posted a photo album from the NĆ¼rburgring. Blipshift drove their Volvo C303 to NYC for the Auto Show. Mikeado went to the Porsche Museum. Jagvar attended C&C Great Falls and visited the abandoned town of Daniels, MD. TheWorldIsFlat installed a new muffler on his 2002 and went for a drive. Doodon2whls visited the EAA AirVenture Museum. Zeontestpilot saw some Chrysler 200 test mules. My Buick Is Too A Real Muscle Car autocrossed his Buick. Twinturbobmw shared video from C&C Portland. CalzoneGolem worked on his rat-rod truck. Pixel continued his battle with rust. Pedal-force attended his first NHRA event at the 4-wide Nationals. MykePagan stopped by C&C in Parsippany, NJ. Denver_80222 took pictures at the Denver International Car Show. MountainCommand installed S2000 seats in his Prelude. Thedriver bought a Fusion. LuczOr made more progress on his Camaro. -Amateur autocrossed his Beretta. MR2_FTW updated his Cressida wagon build. K-Roll got an exhaust installed on his Focus ST. Matthewklein220 built a new engine for his Firebird. Jlmounce updated us on his Firebird. Big Bubba Ray shared photos of his Baja Bug, which is for sale. Ducky bought a Miata. E30Joe lowered his Forester.

As always, If I've missed something and you would like me to include it, let me know.



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