The ND Miata should have been better

I know it is silly for me to whine about a car that I can’t even afford, but I just feel like the ND could have easily been better.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those types to complain about godsends like the FR-S/BRZ and the Miata, but let’s just compare the two.


The twins started at $25,000, 200 hp 2.0 B4, and Torsen standard. Perfect balance, driving the right wheels, thank you Toyota and Subaru. It is a blast to drive and costs as much as a midsize sedan.

The Miata starts at $25,000, but to get a real differential you need the Club trim at $28,500.

It makes 155 hp out of a 2.0 I4. I know that is just the peak, but let’s be honest. 155 HP out of 2 liters? Is this 1995 or 2015? I thought they got 170 hp out a 2.0 in the NC. How did they manage to give it less power with a newer engine...

More importantly, why is it still so heavy? We all heard about their goal of shedding 200 kg from the NC. We were so excited when we heard that the next generation Miata would be returning back to its roots to become a 2100 lb car. But it seems they overshot and under-delivered. Mazda dropped just HALF of what they aimed for. If weight shedding was a class, they got an F.


Just imagine if Mazda actually tried harder to drop 440 lbs and kept the power at 170 hp. That would be a performer to justify the huge increase in price. The ND looks great as it is and I am sure it performs well. But at 29 grand, I would think the BRZ is the better deal here.

Yes, I would like cheese with my whine.

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