yes its a box.... cameo by the missus

daughter fucked off to her boyfriends for the day so we went out for an unplanned walkabout slash dinner date... took some pics along the way

dis a nice car... would not mind having it at all
dis a nice boat.... would not mind having it at all


dis a nice scooter would not.... well... its pretty average actually... but it was parked right outside a pub we ducked into when the weather happened so its cool by me
went to what used to be a fancy italian place... it kept the same name.. but now its an all you can eat tapas place where you get a fancy tablet to order yer foods from.... anyhoo... other than the gambas the food was terrible.. we spent 2 hours loudly discussing how crap everything was and didnt get kicked out... it was fun
stickered up vans everywhere (bikers everywhere too) it might be a racing weekend


budget racing :) i love this
yep..... dis is a nice car... would not mind having it at all