Yesterday I helped my sister with her car shopping. She had an offer for a gift card if she test drove an Acadia. She liked the older Acadia, and she is looking to upgrade from her 4cyl Terrain and into a 3 row SUV with a V6. No, she’s not getting a minivan, so stop asking.

The new Acadia - smaller in size, but still has a third row. Behind the third row there’s just enough space to fit a stroller, but not much else.

Smaller in size, but it still weighs two tons. So of course the base engine is no longer a V6, and is a naturally aspirated 4 cylinder. All the advertised specials were on 4 cyl models, of course. All wheel drive isn’t standard either. The advertised specials were also only for non-GM customers. Loyal customers should shop somewhere else, I guess?


The $30k SL is 4cyl only. Getting a V6 and AWD requires stepping up to the SLE2 Trim - and then adding the V6 and AWD options - pushing the base price to $39k plus destination. $39k for a new car with cloth seats.

Not that the dealer had an Acadia with cloth seats that she could look at. The test drive would be an SLT model optioned up to $46k. Shitty “leather”, hard plastic everywhere, loud, and the ride quality of my Fiat (not a compliment for a $46k crossover).

The dealer also had Buick Enclaves, which have not yet been “upgraded” like the Acadia was, however the salesman refused to tell her what the pricing was on them. Idiot.

Conclusion: She realized that the crossover with the feature she wants will run about $45k. And if she’s going to spend that much, she might as well get the Acura MDX.