The new bushing is in and pretty much everything is good

Worst picture of a Honda trailing arm bushing EVER!!!!

So for those not up to date. When I went to put the trailing arm back in, the bolt that controls the toe wouldn’t tighten up. Thinking I would have to cut into the car to put a new nut in there, I went by the shop near me and asked if they could weld the hole shut afterwards (If I went this route I’d also need to get an aftermarket toe adjustment arm.) They said they couldn’t weld sheetmetal, but to bring it by to look at.

So I did and they were able to tighten up the bolt no problem. Apparently the nut’s on a slider and sometimes can come off it. My theory is that when I drove it to the shop the nut bounced back on to it’s little slider/bracket thing.


They didn’t charge me for the bolt, but they did charge me a half hour ($50) for pressing the bushing in, which I though was a little high. Most shops I have do that sort of thing only charge $15-$20, but can’t complain overall since they didn’t charge for the bolt dilemma.

Now I just need to decide if I’m going to do the other one before getting an alignment or get an alignment and hope the other one holds out for at least a year or two.

I think the reason this one failed, is because there’s 6 gnarly speed bumps in my apartment complex I have to go over. But there’s a flat part in the middle and so normally I drive the left wheels through that, but the right has to go over the bumps. I’ve talked to a few neighbors and they’ve had suspension work done on their cars, which I think is safe to attribute to the speed bumps. Since we don’t have winter here and decent roads it’s very rare for bushing to go out on newer cars.

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