The New Civic 1.5 Turbo Is A Sleeper And The Next Tuner Civic

Hondata just released a video where they dyno-tested a 2016 Civic EX Turbo and then had it race a 9th-gen Si on an 1/8th-mile race. The results are pretty telling.

First, I would like to point out what is already pointed out in the video: Dyno-testing with a CVT is tricky. So keep this in mind and maybe the results will change a lot once Honda releases the MT version of the 1.5T civic in the very near future.


But enough rambling and to the point: The car got 177hp and 190ft-lbs AT THE FREAKING WHEELS. Which is a bit and much higher, respectively, than what Honda advertises at the crank. Again, read the disclaimer in the previous paragraph. Taking the numbers we have now, however, and applying a generously conservative 15% power loss (it’s likely more since it’s a CVT but may as well just stick with a “low” number) and you get 208hp and 224ft-lbs.

Those numbers are downright impressive and would definitely explain why all the acceleration tests done by all the major buff publications have the 1.5T civic litterally nipping at the heels of the 9th-gen Si dispite the Si “officially” having 30 more HP and the 1.5T being bogged down by a CVT. Heck, Hondata’s own drag race showsbthe Si getting beaten already.

My prediction? Once this engine gets paired with a manual transmission, the car will be delivering some hurt to 9th-gen egos in a pretty big way in stock form. Add a turbo-back exhaust and a tune that cranks the factory claimed 16.5psi-peak up to oh, say, 20 and you will have a heck of a sleeper compact, especially since this one is badged as a regular non-performance variant.

This thing is going to be popular with tuners pretty soon.

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