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I recently was reading this:


And what caught my attention was how well the Kona did.

The Kona looks like a nice BEV. Not as good as what Tesla makes, but not bad.

So I just looked up the pricing... in Canada, it starts at $45K. The Tesla Model 3 starts at $43,290 (standard plus model). The base Kona has a bit more range than the Model 3 Standard Plus (386km vs 415km). The Model 3 has a 0-60 time that is 2 seconds faster and is RWD vs FWD for the Kona.


Fast charging for the Kona is nowhere near as fast as it is for the Model 3.

While I don’t think the Kona will really compete with the Model 3 much (especially given that the Model 3 is bigger and has more performance), I do think it will give the Chevy Bolt a run for its money as it costs the same, but the Kona has more range, has a similar body style and is a little bigger in most/all ways.


So for all of you who like the idea of a good BEV, but don’t want a Tesla for whatever reason, and the Bolt is too small, the electric Kona just might be for you.

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