The fact that America's best selling vehicle (by unit and by weight) will be constructed largely from aluminum is a huge boon to enthusiasts everywhere!

A little back story is necessary. When you consider it's properties, aluminum is lighter and stronger than iron/steel. Aluminum is also one of the most common elements of the dirt we stand on, every country on every continent has a nearly unlimited supply of aluminum. Ford has decided to build it's heaviest and most prolific vehicle of this metal and subsidize it's own dealers the cost to repair aluminum intense vehicles.

Thanks to iron's ease of extraction it's standing as the metal of choice among auto makers, the steel car has become the industry standard among suppliers, tool/die makers, stamping plants, body repair-techs/shops, et-cetera. No business wants to throw away the expertise they have developed over decades and begin learning a new one.


Sadly, it costs a lot more to extract aluminum from it's ore than iron/steel, but once the aluminum is extracted, thanks to it's low density it takes far less energy to recycle than iron and, for reasons I do not understand yet, recycled aluminum is as pure as newly refined aluminum and is endlessly recyclable, after aluminium has been recycled, it becomes cheaper with every ounce that is produced and recycled.

Once we have 5,000,000 tons of junked aluminium Ford F-150s in scrap yards, every manufacturer will be forced to build lighter more efficient, better performing aluminum cars.


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