The new Fiesta and Focus ST we don't get are available with an automatic

I already knew that the Mk4 Focus and Mk7 Fiesta come with a real torque converter automatic, but I didn’t know the new ST’s were available with automatic too.

They would’ve been an even bigger success than the manual-only Fist and Fost we got.

Still, Ford is stupid for not selling them here (both ST and non-ST). They can import the Focus and Fiesta from Germany. They’d sell better than their predecessors.


They should be forced to swap in a torque converter auto to replace every PowerShit on the road. And the EPA should give them a 10-mpg penalty.

Ford wouldn’t DARE install a DCT PowerShit in an Explorer, Edge, Mustang, or F150. The US-market Ecosport uses a real automatic.

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