The new Holden Commodore is said to be imported from Germany. Therefore it must be an Opel.

Photo Credit: CarAdvice

Full Disclosure: I am fully piggybacking off JustWaitingForAMate’s post. All credit goes to him for inspiring this post.

You can read his post for more details, but here is the Reader’s Digest version.


GM of Australia decided that too many kangaroos were invading the factory and no amount of cute koalas were going to stop them from ceasing production. This left a huge void in the Aussie V8 car market, to which Holden decided not to fill.

The article shows what claims to be the new Commodore. It is said to be smaller, less powerful, and lamer.


At first I thought, GM made a Camry; maybe they are importing the Malibu for Australia? Nope, as one of my friends pointed out, the insignia is on the wall. The new Holden Commodore is a rebadged Opel Insignia.

Photo Credit: Opel


2017 Opel Insignia in camo; photo credit: MotorAuthority

Unless this is the Holden Insignia, and not the Commodore. Have we been duped? Could I have fallen for it and wrote a completely non-factual story? Surely, we cannot have that in journalism.