Good day, Oppo. I don't like the front end Chevy put on the new Malibu, the rest of the car is quite good looking, but my goodness does that front clip need work.

Chevy needs to steer away from the whole "power bar" thing on their cars. The trucks look okay with this treatment, but it just doesn't look good on any car they've put it on.


No. Just no.

Now, the redesigned Impala is a real looker with its more normal looking grille treatment. Having the Chevy logo in the middle of the upper grille really makes the whole car look better.


Anyway, I've said all of that to lead up to this:


That's the redesigned Malibu, with an Impala-inspired grille/front clip treatment. I drew this up because I simply think that Chevy can do way better, and it doesn't look half bad I think. It's different enough (I hope) so that you won't mistake it for an Impala. Let me know what you guys think in the comments!

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