And it appears that any post from before they went live, at least for now, does not appear on your personal page when you have elected to not have replies displayed on the front page of your blog.

Will my old posts return? Is this a new start? Who knows? I bet Ernie, Lauren and/or Greg do!

Edit: for clarification, I have created dozens, likely hundreds of unique posts within these Kinja walls since Kinja went live. I expected to see them on my personal blog ( I don't, I see this post and my autumn post from Photography.


Edit number two: I have recommended both of these posts, and the lede media within, and neither post has been enlarged on my own blog. Is this intentional?

Edit number the third: there is no "next page" button for those that should have it. Like dear Das Wauto, or our fearless leader, Matt Hardigree.