Tractor Trailers, drag racing, closed off public roads and light beer, what could be more American? Nothing! These semis are rolling the coal of freedom and democracy down Main Street...


This just puts all those lifted bro trucks to shame.

There's more horsepower here than all of Maranello and more shifting than all of the Fast and Furious movies.

I mean look at all of that! And that throw length! Plus, who doesn't love drag racing with three of your best buddies in tow.

I had no idea that Truck Rodeo was a thing! The fact that it takes place in Canada makes it just that much more impressive. Le Rodéo du Camion has been going on up in "America's Hat" since 1981 and celebrated its 34th year or running this past July/August. For more information visit:

Good job Canada, you out 'Murica-d America!