At the end of the summer, a new family moved in a couple houses up the street. I went over and welcomed them, they were nice, a little girl and a tiny little baby. I talked to the guy a few times, he seemed a little odd but who am I to judge?

well the other day there were fire trucks, ambulances and police at his house. We speculated that he was doing some work on the house and either cut himself or maybe since he is in the flooring union, was refinishing a floor and got a face full of chemical or something. NO, that mother fucker was OD’ing.

Now this is a nice neighborhood. I mean someone sent me a letter cuz I hadn’t mower my lawn in time. (i still don’t know who did it but I have a couple guesses - either the former owner or the lady across the street has health issues and i guess its gone into her mind) I can;t wait to see the letters that mother fucker gets. Apparently they are going to be putting the house back on the market and the wife and husband are splitting.