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The new Peugeot 208 Rally 4 first rally | Ralis are back !

The new 208 Rally 4 which replaces the previous 208 R2 has done it’s first rally this weekend in Portugal (which is also the first rally in Portugal since the COVID) with 2 cars at the “Rali de Castelo Branco”, the whole video not limited to the 208 (recommended watch) :

Or just the 208 segments of the previous video :

The #36 with the teal livery (Antunes Pedro & Alves Pedro) were the fastest RC4 car and 9th/29 overall with only RC2/R5 cars faster !


The other was DNF due to an accident :(

The 208 R2 was the best selling Peugeot Sport car ever and the best-selling of the R2 category with more than 450 cars sold around the world, the new one already has more than 100 orders.


The old one used the 1.6 NA inline 4 EP6C (same engine family that was used on Minis and BMW) that had specific pistons, rods and cams, good for around 190hp/190nm.

The new one uses the 1.2 inline 3 turbo EB2 (3 cylinder cousin of the EP6 family) and only changed the turbo (and obviously the ECU) so the engine cost and maintenance should be cheaper, this one have 208hp and 290nm of torque.


It cost around €66,000 ($72,918) excluding taxes.

Promotional video of the manufacturing :

Other nice videos of the Rali de Castelo Branco 2020 :

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