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The new Real Racing 3 expansion is quite remarkable

I am actually surprised when the update listing came up on the App Store. Some expansion this is.


First off, they’ve finally rolled out the much-awaited One:1, completing the trifecta of Agera-bloodline Koenigseggs. The review comes out tomorrow, but I can say this much: it’s a hoot.

They’re also introducing #JDM to the game, with a racing variant of what used to be Doug’s R32 and the Hakosuka, which will be popular with scalpers all over the world. But nah, these are oldies, and will be considerably easier to win, run and maintain than the Koenigsegg.


They’re also introducing Flashback, a new money-sink EA is wanting me to play.


I am currently mulling over starting at least one, but I’m still holding out for the Viper ACR, BAC Mono, and/or Super GT on the June expansion. Actually no, I want EA to put the E46 M3 GTR in the game. Why haven’t they? Weird. They can bundle in the M6 GTLM and Z4 GTLM there, too.

So there you go. I’ll do my best to report back about my experience playing through the two new events, and if I end up playing one from Flashback, I’ll post, too.


(UPDATE ON THE MP4-X PURCHASING PROBLEM: I’m not buying it. I might at some point, if a holiday sale comes up, but I’ve resisted temptation.)

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