The New Season of Fast N' Loud Upset Me

Tonight was the season premiere of the car show Fast N' Loud on Discovery. The show revolves around the Gas Monkey Garage in Texas. For the season opener, they bought a wrecked Ferrari F40 for $400,000. I know how much all of Jalopnik, myself included love this car. So, grab a tissue, you are going to need it.

The show opened up with them examining the wrecked Ferrari. Supposedly the original owner brought the car to a mechanic. The mechanic got angry and crashed it on purpose. This destroyed the front end. They stripped it of the wheels and some components, put it on a trailer, and brought the thing to Gas Monkey Garage.


This is where it gets depressing. The main character does not like the original F40. First, he says he wants to (make sure that tissue is ready) chop the rear wing off! This sick and inhumane man thinks that a ricer Nissan is begging for it. He also says that it makes it look like a shopping cart. NOTE: The wing was NOT, and I repeat, was NOT removed!

That is love, not disgust

Next, he says that the car is just too weak. He wants to upgrade the engine, re-tuning it because apparently they know better than Ferrari (in fact, another man says that they can build this thing better than Ferrari).

Next, he says the rims are not right. 17" are not good. He wants to do a staggered 18" front, 19" rear setup. On a classic Ferrari!

Do you see anything wrong with these rims?

Next, he says that if he was to spend a million dollars on a car, the interior should be better. And not, as he says, looking like the interior of your trunk. The seats are also off, so they will completely change them.


This isn't made to be a luxury vehicle, it is made to be a sports car.

So, is it just me, or are they insane? Who would want a customized Ferrari F40-one of the best cars ever made? What do you think? Let me know. Prove me sane.

MORE INFO: As I kept watching, I learned that they also want to remove the original red paint and make it black! I like black cars, but you don't repaint a Ferrari like that if you don't use original colors.

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