The new set of headers for the jag have arrived

and they just barely clear the unibody, but they fit and that’s all that matters right now. Now the list of things to do has grown even smaller, all that’s left to do is.

  • carb
  • ignition system + 2step box
  • torque converter (already picked out just need to order)
  • mate the 700r4 to the sbc and install it for hopefully the last time
  • fuel system (may not happen fully until later)
  • engine wiring and plumbing (should be stupid easy)
  • custom made driveshaft
  • exhaust system (should not be stupid easy)
  • and the most important piece of all the hood scoop

So I’m saying maybe another month or two and hopefully it’ll be a running driving car, now how well it will run and drive will be up for debate.

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