Lotus has tweaked the Evora again... a little bit more power, a little bit more aero, a little bit less weight, and a lot more money, especially with options.


It is an interesting car, and I am glad it is on the market as a bit of an old-school formula, but I have to question a lot.

10K carbon package, 5K paint jobs, 8K titanium exhaust (short on a mid-engine car), 120K overall... are you kidding me.

If this were any other car company, and built in a mass production economy of scale, this seems like it would be a 45K car. In a world of 60K mid-engine V8 Corvette... this is is a hard sell to spend double that money on, and nearly double a 718 Cayman S, which itself should be markedly under 50K, as well, if it had any other badge than Porsche.

Why did they not put the GT430 front fascia on this car? Why do they continue to use the snow-plow 400 front fascia? There is only one good looking front end on these cars, from start to finish, and it is the GT430's front end..


I like the fact that it is simple, clean, un-cluttered other than the rear fascia a bit... that it has a double-DIN aftermarket infotainment system as OE, that would allow upgrade with newer technology in the future.

Sure it has 400+ horsepower, frankly I’d probably be fine with it having 350hp/tq on most roads... maybe the extra is helpful on the track.


I just don’t get who is spending 6-figures on this... and why this simple formula is not being applied by a mass-market manufacturer at the price point that a car like this belongs... 35-45K. If it were a Toyota MR2+2 with handling by Lotus... at that price, I’d buy it.

If I could trust that I could get support for it from a dealer 50 miles away, rather than 500+ miles away, with spare parts, and knowledgeable technicians... I’d buy a used Evora S for 35K.


but this, like so much else, has gotten way, WAY out of touch.

And stop with the glossy non-metallic mud colors... ceramic, or battleship grey, or whatever you want to call it... no. just don’t. And it is certifiably insane to add 5 thousand dollars to the ticket for that non-priviledge. That car is going to look worse than that color already does as time goes on. HIGHLY dated color. Sad, because the lines of the Evora bodywork are really quite good... with the right front fascia.


I miss the idea of affordable Fiero GTs, and MR2 Turbos...

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