The newest version of Android is Oreo™, and maybe I need a new phone?

The official name for Android 8.0 is Oreo™. It’s officially licensed, just like Android 4.4 KitKat™. Google is is willing to pay to officially license confectionery brand names...every once in a while. Expect it to hit your phone at some point in the future that will be different for every phone, or not at all.

Speaking of Android phones not getting updates, my Moto X Pure Edition is now 2 years old and still works fine, but the planned Nougat update that was supposed to happen a couple months ago was shelved with no new release date.


But the reason I’m considering a new phone is themicro USB port is getting loose. I could send it in to Motorola to be fixed (by replacing the whole board to which the USB port is attached) for $145, or I could have a local phone repair place attempt to solder in a new micro USB port, which of the 3 places I called, one said “sure that’s $79,” one place said “soldering it might be a little risky because of some other components near it on the board,” and another place said “you shouldn’t solder in a new USB port, it’ll burn out the microphone.”

I don’t want to pay a super large amount of money for a new phone, but also don’t want a midrange phone. I’m on Total Wireless, which is on Verizon’s network. So my Verizon-compatible options are the ZTE Axon 7 which is on sale at Newegg for $319.98 for the next 10 hours, or Walmart is selling a Total Wireless-packaged Huawei Nexus 6P for $385.55, plus tax. The Axon 7 has newer fancier specs, and while not a Nexus, ZTE has been good about quickly updating it. The Nexus 6P is not much of an upgrade in specs over my Moto X Pure but it does at least get me a fingerprint reader and perhaps more longevity of support from Google, but it’s now an almost 2 year old phone. So who knows?

Probably makes sense to scoop that Axon 7 while it’s on sale....

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