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The Next Car (And Cursing at the Current One)

Hey all! I’m going to try to be a semi-regular contributor as I go through a few different things. I’m limited with what I can do at work, though, so there won’t be a lot of pictures at the moment.


Currently I drive a 2013 Focus ST as my daily, and have a 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT as a project car. The Fiero GT was a dream car for a while (had an 88 coupe 4cyl as my first care circa ‘01,) but now it’s more of a maintenance sink. I’ll be posting my adventures of rebuilding the control arms this weekend.

Sadly, I have to sell the Fiero in the next month or so. Mrs Notchback is getting a take-home car, and we’ve only got so much garage space. I’m sure I’ll find another Fiero enthusiast to sell it to, as I plan on pricing it to sell quickly.

The upshot to this, based on budget over the next year anyway, is I get to buy a new car. The Focus ST is at 130k, and I’m not looking forward to having to media blast the valves (yay Direct Injection) once that becomes necessary. And, in general, I’m just tired of the engine. It’s quick but rather uninspiring. This is probably due to my previous daily being a 2010 Mustang GT Premium that I traded in for the ST - a decision that I still regret to this day.

So, in theory anyway, this time next year or next summer I should have about 20-25k cash saved up. That was the other caveat - she doesn’t want another payment and I can respect that. It does limit my options in what I’m looking for.

My requirements as of now:

  • Manual Transmission
  • V8 (Preferably more power than my ‘10 Mustang, which had the last 4.6 Modular with 310hp)
  • Coupe (Or smaller sedan)
  • Reliable enough to be a daily (so no used and abused M3s)
  • LSD

Nice to haves:

  • Bluetooth for audio
  • Back-up camera
  • Minimal mods
  • Heated Seats

I realize this doesn’t give me a lot of options. I’d prefer not to get an older/slower Mustang than what I had already. I could also be convinced to get a Nissan 370 Sport.


Lately I’ve been eyeing 05 and 06 GTOs that had the LS2 with 400hp/400ft lbs. I can find relatively unmolested manuals under 70k miles for around $16,000-18,000, which would leave cash left over for an Android Auto capable headunit, back-up camera, and KW V3 coilovers (stock rear springs tend to sag on GTOs anyway.)

Anything obvious I’m missing? Should I just suck it up and wait another year and by a lightly used S550 GT Premium?

Thanks all, and I’m looking forward to whining about the Fiero at you this weekend.

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