If, in 2010, we were told, five years down the road, we'd be looking at two American cars putting out 707hp from a supercharged V8, a Mustang with a 300+hp 4 cylinder, or an electric car that could do 0-60 in just a little over 3 seconds, or a Ford GT with a V6 pushing over 600hp we'd think whoever told us that was nuts. But, wow, we have that, and way more. The landscape for cars now is steadily improving. We have all the above mentioned. There's a Corvette that can do 0-60 in under 3 seconds. We have the Ford STs, and now the Focus RS, one of the hottest hatches to be debuted in a long time. There's the LaFerrari, the 918, and the P1. The Viper is no longer the car in Dodge's lineup with the highest power figures. Cadillac is now the maker of some of the most powerful sports sedans on the market. BMW has brought about the future in a huge way. And this is all over the past two-three years. And yet, some of these cars still make decent gas mileage for what they are.

It seemed like the big thing was economy, green cars, electric and hybrid powertrains, and, yes, it still is, but there are some unabashedly powerful, awesome vehicles of all types now. So now, I pose the question: In another five years, will this all be gone due to CAFE standards, or fuel price spikes, or the like? Or will we still have incredibly powerful, amazing machines on wheels? Things have changed, certainly, but automotive passion, even in the future of driverless cars, is still very much alive, and will be forever, I think.

The Gearhead is Legion, for we are many.