The next Lancer Evolution should be back in a few years. As early as 2020 or as late as 2023. But it wont be the STi/FoRS/Golf R competitor we all know and love. It’ll be, you guessed it, a variant of a fucking upcoming SUV. Mitsu COO Trevor Mann suggested this when he sat down with Motoring, saying it will be a variant of a high end SUV. To quote : “ In terms of the brand, I think it would be interesting to bring something back that’s a bit more sporty in the future . You’ll have to wait and see what that is.”

Mitsubishi seems to think that the key to its future is placing its bets on crossovers and that would seem to be the case. 60% of their sales are from crossovers, which looks good on paper until you consider that their entire lineup now is pretty much Outlander variants and the upcoming Eclipse Cross. Mann also seems to think that crossovers are where their strength lies. “We’ve got to focus on SUVs because, one; it’s where our strength and heritage is, and, two; it’s where the market is going”. That may be the case, but again you cant really tout that as a strength considering that’s the only type of vehicle that they offer. Strangely, Mann also believes that the Pajero Sport is their current halo product. We don’t even get that here in the US.

Could Mitsubishi’s push into just crossovers pay off? It could if they play the market right, but they don’t seem to know what they want to do concerning the US market. Only time will tell.