Hide your children folks, the Prius is not bland anymore, it’s trying to be scary. Just like you did at 15 when you got a leather jacket, the one with metal pieces sticking out. Oh, and they say it’s not just a bland nondescript teen underneath, it is also full of youthful enthusiasm! According to Green Car Reports:

The company has also suggested that the all-new Prius will be more rewarding to drive, perhaps with more road feel and tighter European roadholding and handling.

I will let you insert your own inappropriate joke here.

You saw some soft focused spy shots here. And you thought, “Oh my, this does look like a Mirai family member. Ugh.”


Well these, published by Green Car Reports, confirm what we all knew: more Mirai. Front and back.


Images are from Green Car Reports, via Prius Club Malaysia.