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The Next Toyota Sports Car

***UPDATE, looks like the rumor mill became true this time, and fairly accurate with details.***


Well it seems some info from some “close sources” (for what it’s worth) have divulged some details on Toyotas next sports car that would be placed below the Twins. It will pay homage to the Toyota Sports 800, a small RWD coupe.

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Akio Toyoda told us a while back that there would be 3 RWD sports cars in Toyota’s line up and this would be the 2nd one. The source says it could be a competitor to the Miata, but if it is a coupe and not a convertible I’m not so sure about that statement.

It’d be powered by a NA 1.5L producing around 130hp, weighing in around 2100lbs, 2+2 coupe (albeit seats for children) and (the key points here) RWD at the price of a base Corolla. The article states it’ll cost around $20,000 AUD (austrailian) which roughly converts to $16-17k USD which is close to what a base Corolla starts at here in the states and 20k AUD is close to what a corolla costs in Austrailia.


Only time will tell, but if even some of these statements are true; if a 2100lb, RWD, super affordable coupe, comes to light it wouldn’t have any competition (miata base price is around 25k) and be very welcomed, we need more RWD options and I can’t think of any other RWD cars that have the price of a corolla.


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