323 GTX

1.6L turbo ~ 130hp. 4WD. Front diff: open, rear diff: open, center diff: open/lockable. 5sp manual.



1.6L turbo ~ 190hp. AWD. Torque vectoring AWD (including left/right vectoring). CVT.

They both are unexpectedly quick and have unique styling (GTX rear wings). One's an under appreciated classic and one will eventually be. Jalopnik tends to focus on the lack of manual transmission on the Juke but the tranny was never a strong point for the GTX either. The CVT is well put together and feels very quick, though not as satisfying as a manual, it is coupled well to the vehicle and makes for it's own unique experience. Most importantly I've owned both and there is a lot to be impressed with with the Juke. The GTX had its moments but they don't particularly age well while the Juke is just beginning.


I'm just waiting now for my wife to decide she wants to drive a new car and I can hoon the hell out of it, but she also loves the Juke so I don't think it will be any time soon.