Guess I have officially peaked right now. It is on every car enthusiasts list to drive. Either you love it or you hate it... But you still want to drive it to see if it lives up to the hype train.

It was also on my list. Pretty much since the beginning. But chances of a small YouTuber to get behind the wheel of one of those cars is slim to none. I posted a message on my YouTube that I was sick and tired of chasing the dream of 100K subscribers and I was slowing down or perhaps bowing out altogether. And guess what? That is what got me this review. The owner and his son were fans of my humble little channel and offered me a chance, to sweeten the pot. To keep me going. Come to think of it... That was totally a move out of the first Mad Max movie. Fifi ordered a hot car for Max to keep him in the Main Force Patrol... Naturally I took the deal just like Max did... Who can say no to a hot car?

Is the hype real? I could tell you it is... but it is better to just simply show you...

Any Oppo’s drive one? What was your take on it?

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