The current Nissan GT-R is not a Skyline. Know what is? The Infiniti G-Series. As usual a premium brand for Japanese luxury cars hasn't been necessary in their homeland, but these days it seems to be different. Lexus are now in Japan, and Nissan are about to start selling Infiniti models in the JDM market as well. With the new Q50 replacing the G37/Skyline very soon, that most likely means the end of their famous sports saloon.

The Skyline name first appeared on a luxury car made by Prince in 1957, with 1300kg being motivated by a mere 60 horsepower from 1.5 litres. It stayed in production until 1963, with a 96bhp 1.9L Skyline Sport coupé and convertible version along the way that looked like a pissed-off praying mantis at the front. From 1963 to 1968, the "S50" generation Skyline oversaw the merging of Prince and Datsun to make Nissan. It kept the Prince badge in most markets, and this was the generation that spawned the Skyline 2000 GT (S54), a bright blue version of which famously came 2nd against a Porsche 904 in the Japan GP having lead a lap or two of it. And another one came 3rd. And 4th. And 5th... and 6th.


From then on the Skyline's association with motorsport got stronger and stronger, giving us the GT-R (KPGC10) in 1970 which won 49 domestic touring car races in a row (beaten in race 50 by a Mazda RX-3). I don't need to tell you cultured individuals what happened after that and the "Kenmeri" KPGC110, of course. The 1989-95 BNR32 dominated Japanese touring cars again, as well as Bathurst and Australian touring cars, and the reputation for success continued on even after the road car was killed off in 2002.

In 2007 the GT-R badge separated from the Nissan Skyline with the ballistic R35, designed from the ground up on a bespoke platform, but the Japanese 3-Series continued as the V35 and soon-outgoing V36. With nearly 50 years of racing heritage and a lineage stretching back even further, are they really going to kill off the Skyline? Well, with the Infiniti Q50 on sale in Japan, I don't see how they can avoid it, unless they continued offering the outgoing car as a Nissan. There's no way they could sell the Q50 under both badges.

We'll see. But be prepared to say farewell to the Nissan Skyline. Technically the model line is carrying on, but the name will no longer have any kudos.

Source: Carscoops

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