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The "No Rest for the Wicked Bag"

I recently saw the post over on Lifehacker about Elliot’s bag in Mr. Robot, and thought it would be interesting to show what I carry around from day to day. The contents of this bag all came together during the summer when I was picking strawberries, coaching tennis, managing a pool, lifeguarding, detailing cars, and waiting tables at a restaurant, all in one day.

Eventually, however, this became the bag that I had with me at all times, except for when I was at home, or school (it then resided in the back seat of my car.) Within the bag is anything and everything that I needed during my 12+ hour workdays, and anything I needed to help me enjoy myself following the day’s work.

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1. The bag- Penny Pouch

2. Patagonia trucker hat- faded by the sun and chlorine

3. 22in Penny board- secondary means of transport

4. iPhone SE

5. Offbrand bluetooth speaker

6. Beats Solo HD headphone

7. GoPro Session and many, many accessories. (Pictured: float, 3 adhesive mounts, selfie stick, alligator clip, and cap mount)


8. Adjustable beam LED flashlight

9. 3in Sheffield knife

10. Apple lightning cable

11. Powerbank #1

12. Powerbank #2

13. VGA to Thunderbolt adapter

14. Keys to one 2008 Chevy Malibu LTZ

15. Lightning to HDMI adapter

16. iPhone 5 (for camera and basic iPod functions)

17. Skullcandy inked earbuds

18. Bic Lighter

19. Screen cleaning cloth

20. Gerber Dime multitool

21. Dockers black leather wallet

22. Black Sharpies (X2)

23. Ball point pen (blue)

24. Mechanical pencil

25. Boxcutter

26. Cheapo American Eagle sunglasses

27. Timex Weekender with black nylon strap

28. Pelican 1070CC hardshell laptop case with 13" MacBook air inside

29. MacBook charging cable

30. Apple power brick + lightning cable

31. Apple power brick

32. USB to micro USB


34. Micro SD adapter with 2 micro SD cards (1 8gb 1 4gb)

35. 8gb sandisk SD card

36. 16gb sandisk USB drive

37. 8gb Kingston USB drive

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