This list is for the unexpected, the unappreciated, and the unnecessary. Everyone would say the cars from movies such as Bullitt, Vanishing point, Gone in 60 seconds, James Bond, XXX, etc were fantastically suited...but in movies such as those the car was a practically mainstar. Usually yped as part of the promotion of the movie. The list I tried to put together is comprised semi-iconic movies with a common trait where the director threw in something amazing/classic/quiry or unique, that car people would love.

1) Bueller....Bueller anyone?

Ferris's best friend's ( & loyal Detroit redwings fan) father could of had a large expensive sedan or averagely boring SL convertible or even the time appropriate BMW 850CSI. Instead you get a vintage rari (replica). Regardless, this image is classic and the scenes are incredible. No one questions a man in that car...not even a highly suspicious assistant principle. Why? because their too busy drooling over the car and they do not believe any student is crazy enough to drive their father's uber rare Ferrari

also because sister drives a wagon.

2) "Sometimes you just have to say WTF and go for it."

"aint got the same soul", Long Island, Princeton, Ray Ban Way Fairer, Prostitutes, a glass egg, dancing in underwear, "guido the pimp"...but more importantly....


THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE - V8 Front Engine Porsche

3) "Pain dont hurt"

Anything Swayeze is pushin is on the list. Especially, if it's a 80's 2dr German saloon in the 80's with a v8...probably deserves 2 spots.

4) "Why hello Mrs. Robinson..."

2 door italian lightweight convertible

5) "Thats How you DRIVE!" and "Do you ever rub your leather?"

Bad Boys I & II feature some great cars that build the persona of Detective Mike Lowrey.


a legendary 930 Turbo plus a 66 Lincoln Continental Convertible and a Shelby Cobra is followed up with a Ferrari 575 Marinello and a Buick Blackhawk Concept car. Personally the 575 is a severely underrated Ferrari historically. It's beautiful and was an absolute performance beast.

now "woosaaa" we're almost done...


6) "Good morning Charlie" - Charlies Angels

Demi Moore + Wet Bathing Suit + ENZO = Very Good Morning Wood


7) "Hey, Droz, how 'bout this: Tonight, at the Pit, "Everyone Gets Laid." - PCU

NOTHING say college preppy dbag better than a red e30 BMW convertible.

+E30 needs to be on every list? that's a thing, right?


8) Beethoven BMW 850i


2 Door BMW v12 in child movie about a st benard...there's no rhyme or reason. But if it's on Spinelli's future classic watch list...its got to be on this list.

9) "Can I take my new car for a ride? "

"Kathryn, the only thing you'll be riding is me"

There's 'preppy' and then there's Manhattan Prep School prior to the great recession...Insert Jaguar 1956 jaguar xk140.


Yep you can definitely swipe a few V cards riding that around in High School.



Because V8 hatch. Because Queen. Because AWESOME.

Good Night and Hoped you Enjoyed.

PS "let me get another gear here"


Blind Pacino in a not so great Ferrari! but lets see how this baby corners!