...isn't extremely impressed with LaFerrari's top speed. It's impressed, maybe a tad bit intimidated, but like Pacquiao, it'll fight that car, and it would lose.

Just. Not a KO, at most.

Then again, though, the McLaren F1 isn't impressed with the Noble's top speed either.

And certainly that car isn't impressed with the Bugatti Veyron's top speed, because even if that car has a higher top speed, it needed four more cylinders and four more turbos in relation to the F1.


But then, the Noble is a primitive caveman compared to the sexy LaFerrari.


But the Noble is on the Power Lap Board, and LaFerrari isn't, so there's that.

Okay... this is just getting out of hand. Let's just say the Noble has a higher top speed and that neither of these is built just for straight-line speed. Well, you could say the Veyron is, but I digress.


Which begs the question: What makes a 240 mph naturally-aspirated supercar?