I’m pretty sure I saw either one of these, or something very similar yesterday, even though I didn’t get a great look at it:

Why do I think that? Well, I know what a motorcycle sounds like. Even among all the variations, they all kind of have the same BAP-BAP-BAP-BAP sound that, at a distance, has the same kind of rhythm as an old-school V8, just at a higher pitch, and almost without exception, a raspy harshness because loud pipes save lives, amirite? Don’t get me started on that one.

Running errands in my truck, two motorcycles cut left across a lane of traffic right in front of me as I was turning right. It’s not like they didn’t see me. Besides having to brake somewhat hard to keep from hitting them, I noticed immediately that the second bike was different. The guy riding it had his legs waaay far apart like he was riding a Clydesdale. And when he got on the throttle, the sound was unbelievable. It sounded exactly like a straight-piped V8. Not a big one, but it was immediately noticeable; raspy as hell, and easily twice the noise of the bike in front of him. I didn’t dare try to get closer, as tailgating a motorcycle in the wet with a 57-year-old drum-brake-only 2-ton steel machine, just...... no.

After his initial acceleration, he didn’t get on it too much (the road was winding, wet, and with a steep drop on one side into water), but I could still hear it a couple hundred feet ahead of me, at 35mph, over the noise of my own truck AND the sound of his buddy in front of him. It just HAD to be a V8.


And the rider must be flat deaf.