Wow, I have a blog now? Cool, might as well do something other that ramble in the comment section. Wanna help me with something cool?

HOW IT WORKS: I pick a topic-some type of custom vehicle that doesn't get too much exposure, or whatever I can find that's cool-and post my favorite examples in the comments, with whatever info I can glean from a short Google search.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Same thing I'm doing! If you know anything about one of the vehicles you see, or if there's another cool one I missed-and I will miss something, it's inevitable-post it yourself. All I ask is that you not start a new comment discussion unless you have a new vehicle to talk up, so the threads stay clean. If you want to talk about something that's already posted, keep it in that section. 

Sound easy enough? Okay, let's try this!

I love trikes. I think anyone who's ever ridden a Big Wheel does, on some level. There's a lot of cool motorized versions bouncing around, from the posterboy Can-Am(actually my least favorite-it's not fast or light enough, and you ride too high for my tastes) to some off-the-wall customs like the Zeel Bobster(above, hopefully), and a lot of cool choices in between.


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