1) Trans-Am has an AWESOME YouTube channel.

2) Factory Five’s new Generation 3 Coupe is the Ford Corvette/Cobra Coupe I always wanted. I don’t even like corporate sponsored webserieses, but this one is worth it.

3) Based on some exhaustive research I’ve been doing since my well-sprung mountain bike threw a pedal and left me riding my beautiful but stiff old-school Schwinn, it’s entirely possible to throw a suspension on the back of any hardtail/fixed frame bicycle! Just be prepared to do some welding...And/or paying.

Those are the modified remains of a Monark-style fork and some custom mounts on a customized 1938 Elgin Men’s frame.
Road Kandy Customs didn’t even name it, it’s just called The Red One. It took top honours in the 2010 Grand National Roadster Show and is now actually a working bike! The Hanna, Crietz and Donovan Nostalgic Drag Racing Team use it as their pit bike at annual events in Formosa CA and Bowling Green KY.
This is pogo suspension, which is worth it just for the name. I’ll tell you more aboutit when I know more. Damn you, pinterest.


This is a 1960s Spaceliner frame with a custom TwinFlex-inspired suspension. Sensing a theme here?

Also, I’m fixing my bike up. The lowrider scene is hot right now!

4) On a related note, Kraus Motorcycles is easily on the top level of custom bike builders, and I would definitely pay 100 thousand dollars for this bike, known as Snatch. It’s a hardtail with a springer-inspired suspension on both ends, a modern boardtracker that can handle a bump or two. I’m in love.


5) Since I’m unlikely to be able to afford that particular bike, I’ve set my sights on the Indian Scout. It comes faster than most other cruisers of any brand or size, sounds great with an exhaust system, and can hang with superbikes after some minor tuning. Curtis Haley and his mildly massaged Scout can keep up with an R1 on an open highway!

Here’s the same Scout conquering the Tail of the Dragon. As it does twice a week.

So that’s where my attentions have been this week. Feel free to post any cool shit you’ve been looking at in the comments!